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Charisse Williams' easygoing, approachable style makes her a shoe-in for a women's retreat speaker. Our group loved her winsome ways. We identified with her personal stories and leaned in to hear more. She brought God's word to us and applied His instructions to our daily lives. She encouraged us to draw closer to the loving arms of Jesus. What could be better?
Valerie Gallaher
Women's Ministry
Sunridge Community Church
Temecula, CA

I have the privilege of knowing Charisse, not only as an inspirational speaker but as an intimate friend and mentor. I have found her to be faithful in her pursuit of knowing God, often spending hours studying God's Word, praying for His leading and listening for the "still small voice" of God. She is an experienced speaker with extensive ministry training.
Charisse is an incredible witness of perseverance through pain, hope through humility, commitment through crisis, patience through pressure and through it all, finding joy in the journey. Beautifully transparent about her faith, God has given her the strength to share the deep personal struggles in her life with courage, vulnerability and humor. Charisse's strong faith and authentic character are the reflections of a life refined through fire. Her words of conviction will challenge and her heart of compassion will encourage.
Charisse will bless your event or weekend retreat with her sincerity and integrity.
Anne Krumm
Executive Project Administrator
Saddleback Church
Personal Friend

Charisse Williams is a very gifted and inspiring teacher. Mission Viejo Christian Church recently had the great pleasure of having Charisse as the keynote speaker for our Women's "Get Acquainted Tea".
Charisse's message was meaningful, motivating and full of Biblical truths. She blended humor with tender emotions that made her applications relevant and easy to understand. I worked with Charisse during her preparations for her talk. It was a priority for her to know more about the women who would be attending to better tailor her message to their needs. She truly cared about reaching the hearts of our women. I have received many follow-up comments regarding the positive impact of Charisse's message.
I have personally known Charisse for many years as a student in Bible Study Fellowship where Charisse served as the Substitute Teaching Leader. I have heard many of her lectures and was always enlightened. Her lectures showed her passion of digging deeper into the Word and her love of teaching.
I highly recommend Charisse Williams to other groups looking for a strong Christian inspirational speaker. She is a delight and a blessing.
Bonnie Grandy
Director of Women's Ministry
Mission Viejo Christian Church

Listening to Charisse speak is like sitting down for a visit with your best friend. She is warm, refreshing and very inspirational.
We were delighted by her gift of drama and humor, motivated by her contagious enthusiasm and edified by her sound delivery of the Word.
Women need to receive two things when they attend a conference or retreat: First, they need an enjoyable get-away where they can let their hair down and laugh for a while; and most importantly, they need encouragement that can only be found in God’s matchless, timeless Word.
Charisse brought plenty of both to our event along with a fresh reminder of God's AMAZING LOVE through a clear, compelling, presentation of the gospel.
Mary Featherstone
Retreat Chairman
Sunridge Community Church
Temecula, CA

What Others are Saying
Often when I review my notes from our retreat in May, I think of you and how wonderfully God uses you.
You should be aware that even as recently as last week a sister telephoned me to discuss an issue she had about her relationship with her husband, and what it was that you said that diffused the situation you faced in forgiving your husband of something. You said it so splendidly...
That was huge to this sister, Charisse. It actually made the difference between her moving out of their home and renting a room, versus hanging in there on bended knees with a humble heart.
I'd love to know when and where you are speaking so that I can either encourage a friend to go with me, or just soak up God's wisdom through you on an occasion.
In His name,
Teri R.
Retreat Co-Chairman
Mountain View Covenant Church

We are still basking in the afterglow of our time with you. Thank you for being faithful to the Word, sharing Christ and encouraging us to love one another. I have heard so many wonderful responses. Five women rededicated their lives to Christ. Many requested prayer in being a better friend and were thankful that Jesus is such a wonderful friend!
Valerie Gallaher
Women's Ministry
Sunridge Community Church
Temecula, CA

Thank you, thank you, thank you for sharing your testimony with us last night. It was just wonderful! Your heart was full of what the Lord has and is doing and it just flowed out of you.
It made me remember again, that changing me is what it is all about. I'm glad that you shared what you learned in the shower too, the Lord is still working to get us to think like Him!
All the evaluations were a "5"! You are a gifted speaker. Thank you again, for sharing your gift.
Thank you again!!
Betsy Spradley
Mission Hills Church
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