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# 73
Proverbs 15:3 ~ ""The eyes of the Lord are everywhere, keeping watch on the wicked and the good.""
"A proverb made for parents! I tell my children that God sees everything and that I always pray that He would let me know anything that I need to know as a parent and He has done that! But it is also good for me to remember this as well. He sees every impatient outburst, He hears every word that comes out of my mouth good and bad."
"Remember, every moment of my life, I have a built in audience ...the Lord! What would I say, how would I react differently if I could actually see Him there with me?"
"Lord, I am so grateful that You are everywhere. Not only seeing what my children are up to and letting me know the things that I should know. But Lord, You see me too. Help me to remember this and with Your Spirit inside me, empower me live out my life before You in a way that would bring You honor and glory."
Charisse Williams Ministry
Proverbs for Parenting comes from my personal study and journaling and is now being used by God to encourage and challenge women everywhere. To have Proverbs for Parenting emailed to you weekly, simply click here to subscribe.
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