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Encouraging & Equipping Christian Communicators
For women who feel the call of God in their lives to teach His word and minister with their lives.
Students prepare and give three types of talks:
~ A Bible Passage ~ A Topical Talk ~ A Personal Testimony ~
Learn how to do:
  • Word Studies
  • Homiletics
  • Life Application
  • The 3 Question Method (Content-Meaning-Application)
  • Outlines
Learn how to create:
  • Useful illustrations
  • A thread or theme to unify your talk
  • Attention grabbing openings and conclusions
  • Effective transitions so your audience can follow you
  • Your personal Testimony with the Gospel carefully woven into it
Speak On Him covers the planning, preparation and delivery of a talk; speaking with greater effectiveness. This class is taught in a workshop format with a time of instruction as well as many opportunities to apply and practice what you are learning as you speak before your group. Learn practical things: multiple Bible Study techniques, organizing your material, web Bible study tools, how to present the Gospel, how to look confident and overcome stage fright, microphone techniques, communicating through body language, stage presence and poise.
Speak On Him meets weekly for a two hour class, has 16 sessions; from January through June following the school holiday calendar. It culminates in an invitation event, giving each woman a chance to speak before a larger, live audience.
If you are interested in attending Speak On Him, simply call (949) 870-5157 or email charisse@charissewilliams.com and you will be put on a list to receive an invitation to a free 'Information Meeting'. This meeting will be held the first part of January each year. The class will begin the following week.
Speak On... includes an additional 5 hours training workshop, a one hour private coaching session, 3 incredible books on Christian Speaking and leadership, and the recording of your talk at the final speaking event.
What Her Students are saying:
2012 Class
I had been praying for a class such as Charisse's "Speak on Him" class for a while. I just couldn't find a class that fit my schedule, my budget, as well as my criteria. Finding Charisse's class was an answer to prayer because she offered all three of the elements that I was praying for and more. I have had the wonderful opportunity of speaking in various places without any formal training. Charisse's class was just the training I needed. She taught our class how to put a Biblical talk together as well as a topical talk. She taught us how to write our testimony with the Gospel woven through out it. We also learned how to outline our talks with various resources using tools such as Homiletics, The D's of Discovery, as well as The 3 Question method. This class has been essential to the speaking ministry that God has called me to do. Thank you Charisse!
Carrie Payne
Founder of "Treasured Jewels" ministry, Christian Speaker

As one of Charisse's 2011 students in the "Speak On Him" class, I found the class so beneficial on multiple levels that I decided to take her class for a second time in 2012. There is so much to learn about study tools and preparation to deliver a message, that even after a second time under her teaching, I learned just as much. Even if you're not pursuing a speaking opportunity, Charisse's coaching will help anyone speak in front of a group more confidently and professionally, whether the group is five people or 500 people. If you've ever wanted to do public speaking, this class will be invaluable. The smaller class format is designed to provide ample 1-to-1 feedback. I highly recommend Charisse as a teacher, mentor and speaking coach. You won't be disappointed!
Paula Long
Church Counselor, Children's Ministry Leader and Sr. Administrative Professional

Charisse gives 1000% to her students by offering a full semester of training. She shares research tools, speaking skills and offers professional evaluations, no matter the student's current level. Charisse also helps students organize their many thoughts into a concise, coherent and effective Bible lesson.
Valerie Garrett
Insurance Broker and Speaker

I know God has called me to become a speaker and I had taken speech classes in college, but none of them provided me with the tools and skills "Speak on Him" has. Charisse has taught me to study the Bible and prepare talks, something I never knew I could do. I have grown tremendously under Charisse's teaching in ways I didn't realize I needed to grow. I am now equipped with the tools I need to become a speaker and I am now confident to deliver an effective talk. Charisse's heart and passion is for the Lord and you can see that in her teaching. I was very afraid of being critiqued but Charisse is loving and it is easy to take critique from her. I recommend this class to anyone who wants to develop better communication skills and anyone desiring to study their Bible in a deeper way.
Tamara Turner
Bible Student at Cal Baptist University

2011 Class
Speak on Him has been a life changing experience for me. Charisse not only coaches on effective delivery of the spoken word, but she also guides and directs the class with a spirit filled heart.  My walk with the Lord has been changed forever as Charisse has given me tools to study God's word deeply so that I can effectively 'Speak on Him'!
Sue Kaiser
Ed. D., Administrator, Adjunct professor and Christian Speaker

For years I have felt God calling me to be a speaker but I had never even taken a speech class. Charisse's class has prepared me for this ministry by equipping me with the skills I need to prepare different kinds of talks, to study a passage thoroughly and it gave me confidence. It was fun, challenging and a great learning experience. Charisse has a real gift of teaching God's word and preparing woman to be authentic speakers.
Lana Collins
Former Women's Ministry Director

I find it impossible to adequately express my feelings of love and thankfulness for the skills and courage Charisse has given me. Her class has taught me how to pray for my ministry, how to research my material, and how to focus on my audience. Her methods for organizing the structure of my message into effective opening, message, and closing has made me feel more confident about not only my speaking, but also my writing. Her communication skills and gift for teaching, have equipped me to speak God's truth.
Judee Stapp
Writer and Speaker

Before taking the "Speak on Him" class, I had prayed about a way to put a voice to my soul to express all that God has put in my heart about what He's taught me. God answered that prayer so specifically. Charisse's credentials are impeccable, and her broad experience in the teaching profession, both at the college level and for women's Bible studies is such a resource for those wanting to learn how to use study tools, do research, develop an outline, and write and speak on the things of God. Charisse emphasizes our responsibility to be well-prepared when speaking about topics related to God, and to always have in mind that our goal is to bring glory to God, not to ourselves. I highly recommend this class to anyone who wants to advance their communication skills in presenting God’s word.
Paula Long
Church Counselor, Children’s Ministry Leader and Sr. Administrative Professional

2010 Class
I have been a member of Toastmasters for many years and felt God calling me to step out and use the gifts He has given me to honor Him. But I didn’t know where to start! I thank God that He directed me to Charisse. After taking her course, I was able to expand on the skills I learned from years at Toastmasters and incorporate proper Biblical teaching into my talks. Her passion for preparing her students to effectively and accurately communicate God's word is a blessing.
Lynne Leite
Award Winning Toastmaster

Charisse's class has been an invaluable experience for me! She has taught me how to study the Bible with deeper insight, and how to have confidence and faith even when going through a new and challenging training process. But most importantly, I have learned how to speak more effectively for the Lord, and that has been the best blessing! Charisse is an amazing servant of our Lord!
Sharon Kirby
Bible Teacher and Poet

Charisse, this class has been an answered prayer. I have had a desire to work on my speaking and writing skills and you have been the perfect Coach. You have taught us all so much on how to construct a lesson/talk as well as how to present it clearly. I have learned so much and will forever be grateful for the growth and practical learning that have occurred because of your class! Thank you!!!
Janet Hertogh
MOPS Speaker

This class is fabulous! Charisse gives you so many tools to learn how to speak in all kinds of settings. From leading a group in prayer, teaching a bible study class to being a keynote speaker, you will come away feeling well equipped at the end of the semester. Best of all you will learn how to present the gospel message! This class is a true blessing and I highly recommend it to all!
Gayle Mullen
Christian Women's West Coast Regional Advisor for P.C.A.

Charisse, your step-by-step method for building a talk, coupled with your loving encouragement and tactful tweaking has enabled me to feel confident to follow God's Calling to speak about Him. Thank you so much!
Sharon Lawlor M.A.C.C.
Bible Study Teacher and Scholar

This class was everything I had hoped it would be and more. Charisse has such a passion and love for God and teaching His word that it is inspiring. Her enthusiasm about what she is teaching motivated me to want to do better.
Becki Melli M.B.A.

2009 Class
Charisse, you are wonderful! For years I felt God calling me to speak and/or write. I never did anything about it because I didn't know how. With your class, you have equipped me. I praise God and thank you from the bottom of my heart.
Esther Clark
Award Winning Toastmaster

Charisse, this class has been the best thing I ever did. It has stretched me beyond what I thought I could do. It will advance the ministry God has called me to, no doubt.
Sharon Joyner
Gospel Singer and Songwriter

Charisse's class equipped me with the skills to effectively relate my testimony in a way I never thought possible! I am so thankful to have benefited from the clear talent God has gifted her!
Sean Caldwell
Bible Study Leader

I've attended and taught Bible studies for many years. Charisse sharpened my study skills, taught the importance of sticking to the "aim" of my talks, and enhance my speaking with personal illustrations. Her passion for God infuses all she does and has caused me to become a better speaker.
Tricia Kirchmeyer
Bible Teacher

Charisse is a gifted communicator and teacher. Before her class, I was comfortable teaching in an interactive format, but uncomfortable speaking in a lecture format. Because of her upbeat coaching style and excellent teaching ability my speaking and confidence improved greatly.
Hilary Cox
Leadership of Small Group Ministries

This course has prepared me for a speaking ministry by equipping me with the ability to study a Bible passage thoroughly, prepare different types of talks, keep my audience in mind as I prepare and when I speak, and to present in a manner that will keep the audience engaged.
Linette McCosh

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