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Keynote Topics
The Gift of Friendship
Giving Gifts that Keep on Giving
Have you ever spent hours looking for the perfect gift for that special friend? As women, God designed us to be "connection" oriented and we love and value our women friends. Let's celebrate our friends and give them gifts that keep on giving. Charisse will encourage you, challenge you, and inspire you to be a better friend... as she gives this practical talk, celebrating friendship. This is also available as a full Retreat, see Retreat Packages.
Proclaiming the Incomparable Christ
His birth in Bethlehem was not His origin, only His incarnation.
Christ was there at creation; He is (and always has been) God and eternal in His nature. Experience this powerful presentation of the Pre-Incarnate Christ, let this be the Christmas that you come to appreciate all that Jesus the Christ gave up to become our redeemer. Let Charisse help you move beyond the baby in the manger as she shares scriptural glimpses of Christ in eternity past, present and future.
Evangelistic Talks
Do I Have to Forgive?
(30 minutes)
An encouragement for believers and an outreach for unbelievers. Charisse shares how God restored her marriage thru forgiveness. Charisse is transparent, funny and engaging as she shares her struggles and victories as God challenged her to forgive first, and then restored her marriage.
A Time For Change
(25 minutes)
Designed specifically as an outreach to unbelievers, Charisse shares how God changed her life and restored her marriage. Charisse is transparent, funny and engaging as she laughs at herself and her desire to change her husband, when God’s plan was to change her first. This talk includes a presentation of the Gospel and a prayer for salvation.

The following two hour Seminars have a time of instruction, participation, Q & A, hands on practice, and personal application of what has been taught.
Personal Quiet Time
Personal Bible Study
Personal Prayer Journaling
Personal Homiletics

Retreat Packages with Multiple Sessions
Encounters with Jesus
Savoring Moments with our Savior
Have you ever longed for a deep look into the eyes of Jesus? As we examine the key episodes in Jesus' ministry here on earth, Charisse will lead you in the discovery of the life changing effect Jesus had in the lives of the people He encountered. Spend a weekend with Jesus, fix your eyes on Him, draw close to His heart, your life will never be the same. This is an interactive retreat, as Charisse leads women to make life changing discoveries for themselves.
*In The Potter’s Hand
Joseph; The fashioning of Godly Character
We are all "clay" in the powerful and loving hand of our Father. As we walk through the life of Joseph and examine how God molded his character, we will learn how He shapes and molds our lives. Charisse will challenge you to desire to grow in Perseverance, Integrity, Humility, and Forgiveness as you are "fired" in the kiln of life, through trials. She will encourage you to embrace God’s goal for your life, "to become strong, useful vessels that He can use to glorify Himself and be used for His kingdom in the lives of others."
*I Want a Heart Like His
Becoming a Woman after God’s own Heart
Why did God call David, "a man after His own heart"? As we look at the key episodes of David’s life, we will see what it takes to become a woman after God’s own heart. Charisse will challenge you to develop a Heart that Trusts God, a Heart that loves God’s people and a Heart that is Repentant. She will encourage you to embrace God’s transforming power as He develops His heart in YOU.
*The Gift of Friendship
Understanding God’s Design for Connection, Woman to Woman
What kind of a friend are you? Jesus told us that others will know we are His, by our love for one another. Celebrate friendship as we look at 8 ways that we can love each other more intentionally. Charisse will inspire you with Biblical examples of love and friendship. She will challenge you to become the friend to others that you want them to be to you. She will encourage you to reach out and discover the joy of experiencing a Christ centered friendship.
* Four 45 minute talks: Perfect for a Weekend Retreat. All are designed with a "Personal Quiet Time" intended to help each woman go deeper with the Lord and small group discussion questions for thought provoking fellowship.
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